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Healt Centre - Valjevo


Project: Healt Centre - Valjevo

Location: Valjevo, Serbia

Commissioned: November 2011.

Control, monitoring and data acquisition of plants for hot and cold water preparation and distribution and heating cooling and airconditioning sytems in diffenrent sectors of the Hospital. The system is realized using SIEMENS SIMATIC and KNX technologies.

Facility Server SCADA for Viessman boiler

Facility Server SCADA for Buderus boiler

The BMS consists of:

  • automation system for control and monitoring plants and substations for steam and hot and cold water
  • remote control and monitoring via internet and different locations inside Health Centre


BMS includes:

  • boiler plant in main building of the Hospital
  • substation for heating in building for primary health protection
  • boiler plant and klimatisation in buillding for Stomatology
  • VRF system in building of Stomatology
  • plant of air handling units in Hospital for Chest diseases
  • kompressor and vacuum plant and air handling units for Surgery building
  • room temperature control and hot water distribution in the building for primary health protection on Divcibare mountain, located outside of Health Centre


Different technologies are used for system integration:

  • SIEMENS SIMATIC S7 and WinCC SCADA for substations
  • KNX Vitotronic unit for Viessmann boiler
  • KNX / LON gateway for BUDERUS boiler
  • KNX for room temperature control
  • GIRA FacilityServer for KNX SCADA
  • KNX / M-BUS gateway for integration of heatmeters
  • NETx OPC server for data exchange over IP network between KNX and ProfiNET



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