[ 19 11 2010 ]

Smartko solution for audio and video integration

Smartko recently invovled the new way of audio and video integration with smart home systems. The solution provides controling the A/V devices using visualisation on touch screen, iPhone/iPad and PC. The remote control is visualized on the screen with all functional keys and additional macros.

This solution completely integrates A/V with all other integrated systems like lighting, venetian blinds, heating, ventilation, cooling ... This solution compared with Philips Pronto is more robust in terms of integration and much inexpensive.

The diagram below shows how the A/V devices are integratet into local IP network using BitWise interface.

Integracija pomocu BitWise kontrolera

Alongside great ability for integration this solution provides desinging custom graphics for visualisation. On the picture below is a graphic solution for HomeServer for controling the TV set.

GIRA proface HomeServer 3 i bitwise

Control using iPhone/iPode
iPhome iPode i bitwise

Control using iPad-a
iPad i bitwise

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