Intelligent sistems
Healt Centre - Valjevo

Control, monitoring and data acquisition of plants for hot and cold water preparation and distribution and air handling units for diffenrent sectors of the hospital. The system is realized using SIEMENS SIMATIC and KNX technologies.

National Library of Serbia

Automatic control of venetians on four facades of the building depending of sun position.

Bussiness Building – GP Security

Integration of lights, blinds and air conditioning units. Local and remote visualization with GIRA HomeServer. Integration of TVs using BitWise IP/IR controllers. Outdoor light control via HomeServer using time and day/night functions.

Main Office – TV Shop

Tailored visualization for iPad devices for Gira Home Server and BitWise controller. Integration of access control system via D/I KNX module.

Residental Building – Koste Jovanovica

The builing consists of three residental apartments. In each apartment is complete integrated heating, airconditioning, lights, blinds, screens and audio/video equipment with KNX and PHILIPS Ponto remote controllers.

Amphitheatre – Mechanical Faculty

System for control, monitoring and data acquisition of heating in Amphitheatre. System is designed for testing and research purposes.

Exclusive residental building INFINITY, Belgrade

Complete integration of heating and airconditioning systems, lights, blinds, screens and audio/video equipment.

Smartko solutions for residential facilities


KNX/EIB system in the elite hotel complex "Zavala"

KNX/EIB control in villa no. 2 of elite hotel complex in Budva.

RAIFFEISEN bank branch unit in Ruzveltova street

KNX/EIB control system for lights, heating and air conditioning in RAIFFEISEN bank branch unit in Ruzveltova street


KNX/EIB BuildingManagement System in the business building ProCredit Bank. Control and visualization of heating, air conditioning, lights and shades

Lights and roof windows - RAUCH factory

KNX/EIB intelligent system of control lights and roof windows in production area in factory “RAUCH” Koceljeva.

Lights, heating and airconditioning

KNX/EIB intelligent control system for lights, airconditioning, floor heating and fan coil control in wellness center of Hotel Splendid Becici, Montenegro

Splendid Hotel apartment

KNX/EIB intelligent control system in president apartment „Presidential Suite“ and "Penthouse", Hotel Splendid Becici, Montenegro

Conference hall in hotel “Splendid”

KNX/EIB light control system in the conference hall in hotel “Splendid”

Computer systems
Управљање табластог затварача

Систем аутоматског управљања хидрауличког система за маневрисање табластог затварача - Комплекс објеката за заштиту Санкт Петербурга од полаве - Објекат С2

Испитна станица

Систем за серијску проверу херметичности судова бојлерских казана за прирубнички спој грејача и технолошки зачепни вијак

Систем управљања преливног поља

Систем управљања преливног поља постројења за прераду воде "Пештан" ЈП Водовод Лазаревац

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