Esprit glass umber


Esprit glass umber

The Gira Esprit switch range offers an unusually wide diversity of materials. The concise frame design perfectly matches the selected surface materials of shiny glass, ground and anodised aluminium, shiny gold or chrome-gloss polished metal with a special surface sealant, and wood. More than 280 functions that can be installed into the switch range offer maximum flexibility for all intelligent building technology requirements – from socket outlets and light switches right up to complex systems for the automation and central control of the complete electrical installation.

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Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
02111 22 Esprit glass umber 1-gang 27,00 ком
02121 22 Esprit glass umber 2-gang 46,00 ком
02131 22 Esprit glass umber 3-gang 77,00 ком
02141 22 Esprit glass umber 4-gang 106,00 ком
02151 22 Esprit glass umber 5-gang 158,00 ком

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