Esprit glass C black


Esprit glass C black

The glass variants of the switch range have now been extended by Gira both in form and colour. The soft edges and rounded corners of the new frame design of Gira Esprit glass C now offer a new alternative to purism and linearity. The edges of the 6 mm thick glass frame are ground to a semicircular form with the so-called \"C grinding process\". And Gira has extended the spectrum of neutral glass variants with the new umber colour, a harmonious, warm tone.

Информације за поручивање

Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
0211 505 Esprit glass C black 1-gang 27,00 ком
0212 505 Esprit glass C black 2-gang 46,00 ком
0213 505 Esprit glass C black 3-gang 77,00 ком
0214 505 Esprit glass C black 4-gang 106,00 ком
0215 505 Esprit glass C black 5-gang 158,00 ком

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