E2 pure white glossy


E2 pure white glossy

The Gira E2 switch range combines a highly reduced design with functional material and intelligent technology: It is available in the four colours of pure white matt, pure white glossy, aluminium and anthracite and is made of shatter-proof UV-resistant thermoplastic with an easy-to-clean surface.
The range encompasses a multitude of functions for modern building management, whether for data and communications technology or bus technology.

Информације за поручивање

Шифра Опис Цена ј.м.
0211 29 E2 pure white glossy 1-gang 4,00 ком
0212 29 E2 pure white glossy 2-gang 6,00 ком
0213 29 E2 pure white glossy 3-gang 11,00 ком
0214 29 E2 pure white glossy 4-gang 17,00 ком
0215 29 E2 pure white glossy 5-gang 27,00 ком
  • 0211,0212 / 29

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